To this day, sound is what epitomises Ministry of Sound and all we stand for. As we spread the dance music gospel around the world you can experience the essence of what we do but there’s nothing quite like standing in the middle of the club’s main room (The Box). Play here as a DJ and this is Madison Square Garden. Dance here and this is the Nou Camp – put simply, there is no better place on Earth to hear and feel the world’s greatest DJ’s play the world’s best music.

Fast-forward to today. The importance of super hi-fi sound has not diminished and neither has the passion for dance music in all its forms. But as pioneers of dance, whether it’s the music or culture variety, we’re keener than ever to preach our dance music mantra across the planet.

For two decades, Ministry of Sound have created the moments people live for. In 1991 you had to be here to experience the euphoria – today whether you’re listening, watching, wearing, downloading or browsing anything Ministry of Sound there is still only one rule: the music comes first.



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